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Ravi Thakur, MBA, ACP

Associate – Investment, Retail Sales, Leasing


D 780-341-2018
C 780-994-1646
F 780-481-1144

Ravi strives to serve in the best possible professional manner to deliver highest quality client services. Before embarking upon a career in real estate, Ravi attained a PhD from the University of British Columbia and, an MBA from University of Alberta. Ravi has served as veterinarian for over a decade in India and, was working towards economic improvements of livestock farmers in rural areas. In Alberta, Ravi served as a cancer researcher trying to tackle the problem of drug resistance in breast cancers and, then as a business development professional helping early stage startup companies to go to next levels.  Ravi is a client service focused individual with a sound understanding of local real estate market. He is detailed oriented individual and capable to conduct in depth financial/business analysis to help you achieve investment goals. Ravi is just a telephone call/email away to meet you over a coffee and to know your interests and investment objectives in order to find you a suitable property.

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